Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Fat Controller and wife!

Hello fellow crafters welcome to my crafting corner. As requested I'd like to introduce you all to two very special friends of mine who will be playing a huge part in my forthcoming wedding (gulp only 13 weeks tomorrow!!!) As you can see the groom is still rather rotund but is now made from black card rather than the original blue. The bride is wearing a woo original in white and is holding a charming bouquet of sequin fairy flowers inspired by jennings644 at least I think that's the right number. it could be jennings466 nah sure its the first one. Anyway back to the toppers, you can't really see in the photos but the bride has small sequin flowers    in her hair which unlike mine is blue and curly. I'm probably going to mount them onto a card circle before they go onto the Wedding Cake mainly because I have plans for them after the wedding. I'm going to leave that as a surprise until after the 11th September  and the honeymoon *swoons*.

Crafting wise not done much apart from a Father's Day Card for Chris's dad and a birthday card for his Auntie Roxie which I'll probably post pics of later. Well that's all from me for now. Keep crafting! Big hugs Sarah aka woo woo girl xxx

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  1. WOW Sarah these are awesome!! must of took you ages to make!