Thursday, 28 July 2011

Moving On...

Hello fellow crafters, this is going to be my last blog for a few weeks as I'm moving on Saturday and we're not going to get the phone put in until the 8th August (grr BT!!!) I shall be busy unpacking and making the final preparations for the wedding once I move so I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog again. :..(
Hopefully it won't be too long and I hope to give you a grand tour of my "crudy" (craft/study room) once I've got it organised - I admit that after the bedroom and the kitchen it will be my priority just so I have a little haven to escape to when things get too much. I've lived on my own for nearly 20 years and as much as I love Chris I'm finding the prospect of spending 24/7 with him to be a little daunting. Still have loads to pack and time is getting short, so until we meet again - happy crafting everyone! Big hugs Sarah aka woo woo girl xxx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wedding Stuff

Hello fellow Crafters. Its less than 10 weeks to my wedding and there is so much to do! I had a meeting with my lovely friends at church who are sorting out the catering for the reception as our wedding present on Monday and one of the things that came up was name cards for the top table. As we're having a very informal tea party I hadn't even realised we'd need them so hadn't included them in my stationery to do list which is already quite extensive as it is. Luckily there's only 8 to make so using the colour scheme and theme from the other wedding stationery of pale blue, white and silver and butterflies I have come up with the example above. To make the name cards I printed out the roles and names of everyone sitting on the top table on my computer using a font I liked then trimmed them to size, I then cut pale blue card to equal sizes so each name card would be uniform and folded in half. I cut out the silver foiled rings and stuck them onto the strips of paper with Scotch quick dry adhesive then used glue stick to mount the name strips onto the folded card. Using the scraps of leftover pale blue card I punched out 16 butterflies using a Martha Stewart punch and stuck the body of one butterfly onto the body of a second so I had 8 3D butterflies with movable wings - again I used the Scotch glue for this. Once the butterflies had dried which doesn't take very long I applied glue on the bottom parts of the wings and stuck them at an angle on the right hand side of the card then "fluffed" the wings to give them a sense of movement. I'm really quite pleased with how they've turned out but I'm really glad I'm only having to make them for the top table or two! When I've worked out who'll be on the lower top table I'll be making the other place cards but for now I'm quietly contented with the 8 I've made. I hope to share more of my wedding projects as and when I have time to blog about them, so I hope you'll all be patient with me. Happy crafting everyone! Big hugs Sarah aka woo woo girl xxx