Monday, 27 June 2011

Manic Monday

You know it's going to be one of those days when it's only 9.15am and you've already screamed twice.... The first is a little indelicate so if you are of a nervous nature I suggest you look away now I'll give you a shout when it's safe to look ;). Anyhoo I was sat on the loo powdering my er nose when I heard this very angry buzzing noise very very close and I froze as well as I could mid powder! As soon as it was appropriate I jumped off the loo cos there's some places you really don't want to be stung - how would you apply ice?? Nervously I looked down into the bowl only to see the usual suspects so I put the lid down. However I could still hear the buzzing and it was getting louder and sounding even more p.o'd. I looked at the back of the toilet - no buzzy creatures there, I looked in the spider plant which is stripey but nothing there either (does need watering though) I looked at the tank that the plant was standing on no surely not.... Well no harm in looking I thought so I lifted spidey up, removed the cystern lid and this HUGE bumble bee flew out cursing me in bee language as she made her way to the open bathroom window. Heart thumping I replaced the lid put spidey back totally forgetting to water it and finally flushed the loo. That was fright number one.

*SHOUTS* okay you can look now - so I was just washing my hands when Jinx my cat jumped in through the bathroom window and meowed at me. I looked at him and screamed, now before you start thinking what a cruel mum I am this isn't the usual way I greet him. When I looked at him what I saw was a pair of twig like legs sticking out of his mouth and a few feathers the rest of the bird was inside his mouth - how he managed to meow round it I don't know. I have a slight bird phobia and I'm sure Jinx knows this very well and last night as it was so hot I shut him downstairs rather then have him all over me upstairs (ok I am a cruel mum!) so the bird was either a punishment for not letting him sleep with me last night or a "present" to try and make me let him sleep upstairs tonight..... hmmmm wonder if I could get Chris to do the same but with craft goodies instead of bird corpses...... (just kidding - damn tempting though! ;D)

Well that all my news for now - I'm hoping the rest of the day improves as I'm getting a sore throat from screaming so much. Happy crafting everyone! Big hugs Sarah aka woo woo girl xxx

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The continuing adventures of the fat controller and his wife....

Hello fellow crafters and welcome to my crafting corner! I took Mr & Mrs F Controller to a meeting and was told by a "friend" that they looked like the wooden tops!!! I've chosen to ignore this and have now mounted them onto 3 card circles ready to be put on top of the cake in 12 weeks time - I'd chew my nails nervously at this point but I've got stop and grow on them and they taste gross which is the point I suppose. I've had to crack on with the cake topper because of some rather good news Chris and I had early this week - we've been offered a two bedroom flat in Bridlington which we've accepted! This means that as well as getting all the things ready for the wedding and there is still a lot to do,  I've also got to pack my current flat up, help decorate the new flat and  move within the next month lol I'm beginning to wish I hadn't decided to stop biting my nails this week!

Back to Mr & Mrs F C - as you can see from the photos at the top of this blog I have mounted them onto a central 3" circle of patterned silver card and then overlapped that onto two 3" circles of pale blue card. I edged the silver card with self adhesive pale blue crystals approximately a cm apart. I punched out 7 small butterflies using a woodware punch and after folding the wings up fixed one onto the groom's hat. I then took 8 silver ribbon mini roses and snipped off their stems before fixing them onto the edges of the pale blue circles at a regular interval using hot glue I then curled the stems of a further two silver roses and fixed them near the back of the circles again using hot glue. I tucked the ends of the curled stems under the silver card and on the top of the curls I glued 3 punched out butterflies onto each stem using PVA glue. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and I think it'll be an unusual and unique wedding cake topper.

Well thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I hope you've enjoyed reading about what I've been up to       and I hope to share more of my crafty adventures with you soon. Happy crafting! Big hugs Sarah aka woo woo girl xxx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Fat Controller and wife!

Hello fellow crafters welcome to my crafting corner. As requested I'd like to introduce you all to two very special friends of mine who will be playing a huge part in my forthcoming wedding (gulp only 13 weeks tomorrow!!!) As you can see the groom is still rather rotund but is now made from black card rather than the original blue. The bride is wearing a woo original in white and is holding a charming bouquet of sequin fairy flowers inspired by jennings644 at least I think that's the right number. it could be jennings466 nah sure its the first one. Anyway back to the toppers, you can't really see in the photos but the bride has small sequin flowers    in her hair which unlike mine is blue and curly. I'm probably going to mount them onto a card circle before they go onto the Wedding Cake mainly because I have plans for them after the wedding. I'm going to leave that as a surprise until after the 11th September  and the honeymoon *swoons*.

Crafting wise not done much apart from a Father's Day Card for Chris's dad and a birthday card for his Auntie Roxie which I'll probably post pics of later. Well that's all from me for now. Keep crafting! Big hugs Sarah aka woo woo girl xxx