Sunday, 28 November 2010

Additional Photos

On a Roll

Seconded blog of the day - I'm on a roll! lol. Hi fellow crafters, hope you've enjoyed a productive Sunday evening. I decided to watch a film and make a special Christmas card for my MIL and DIL to be. Sorry it's a bit fuzzy in this photo I couldn't get the whole card in so had to jig it about then flip it using the free software I got with the camera. This card is A4 in size - yes you are reading that right! I made it using Papermania's Henbury Lane Poinsettia - A4 Ultimate Decoupage Card with a glistening finish I've no idea of the cost because it was part of a prize I won a few months ago from QCME magazine. I probably should have taken all the sheets out (there's 4 sheets of die-cut Decoupage) before I made it because it's not as layered as it could be, I hadn't realised that there were some die-cut stockings on a different sheet to which I was working with and just layered the stocking tops onto the main decoupage image, I've also deviated away from the suggested way of assembly by not layering the main image on foam pads but wil double sided sticcky tape which was down to the fact that due to it's size it would have used my entire stash of foam pads to mount it! Think it looks ok though. Happy crafting! Sarah aka woowoogirl

Snowy days

Hi fellow crafters. Hope everyone's taking advantage of this snowy weather and doing lots of crafting. The above picture is of some lovely earrings I bought at a Christmas Fayre yesterday they were sold in aid of the "Helping our Heroes" Appeal and they look way better in real life then in this picture.
This is my latest project a card for my lovely friend Jean. It was a very easy card to make using my favourite technique the easel card! I turned this one into a gift by adding a pen and post-it notes so once Jean's birthday is over she can put it by the phone for messages. I used my favourite fabric letters to spell out her name which doubles up as the easel stopper.

Anyway that's all for now. Happy crafting everyone! Sarah aka woowoogirl

Thursday, 25 November 2010

a little bit of this, a litte bit of that...

Hi fellow crafters, welcome to my crafting corner! Here are some of the projects I've been working on the last couple of days - well apart from the heart easel card, that's one I did a while ago but have only just taken a photo of it. I made this easel card for my lovely Chris and it's been at his house for a while (I had to dust it before I could take a photo!!!), it was very simple to make just an ordinary easel base decorated with a variety of 3D stickers apart from the first heart which I stamped with slow-drying red ink and heat embossed using clear embossing powder. The second card is made using a Kanban "Wobblers" kit (£1.99 Boyes) and is pretty easy to make but be warned you don't even get an envelope and the template sheet contains lots of bits uses of which aren't explained - I think this is an expensive project to make as you are supposed to use the white card template to make your own wobbler base plus you also need thick acetate for the nodding head, however you can get away with just using the white card template itself as the base though it is a little plain. I did that here mainly because I hadn't my stash to raid. On the plus side you do get quite a few flowers etc on the topper page and these could be used to decorate the rocker base - not all are die cut ready for you so have some sharp scissors ready. The last couple of photos are of the tree ornament I made at the Christmas Activities classes I've been attending on Thursdays. It's made from a large polystyrene ball that I painted with black emulsion - it took ages to dry! I stuck a bamboo skewer up the base before I painted it and placed this into a raw potato so I wouldn't have to hold it while it dried. Even as a crafter I baulk at watching paint dry so while I was waiting (about 20 - 30 mins) I sketched a design and looked for embellishments.  Of course the final product looks nothing like my sketch but it's still quite a pretty thing. Once the paint was dry I wrapped silver outline stickers around it, I wanted it to be more uniform but I went wrong and when I tried to lift the outline up I found the paint came away so ended up with a random arrangement of  silver lines that formed diamonds and triangles of varying sizes. I placed either a glittered hexagon outline sticker or a silver circle into each available space then finished the ornament off with a silver tassel and loop. I really liked making this bauble and look forward to seeing it hanging on the tree - it's not at all girly (I nearly went for hot pink and glitter) which is most unusual for me as even the men cards I make usually have glitter somewhere. I hope you've enjoyed sharing my recent projects and I hope to post more soon. Happy crafting! Sarah aka woowoogirl xxx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Computer Card

Hello fellow Crafters! I hope you've had a great weekend and are refreshed. This evening I've been listening to some music and making a 40th Birthday card for a friend. I've uploaded 3 photos as none are particularly clear. I made this card out of black cardstock which I dry embossed using the Media 'n' Pastimes embossing board made by Keepsake Card Craft Ltd. It's actually a tv but I thought it would make a perfect pc screen. Once embossed I cut out the shape then the centre panel using a craft knife, I then used some acetate as a screen and added the wording. Using foam tape I mounted the piece onto some backing card that is printed with a circuit board pattern - sorry no idea who makes it. I then cut round the monitor and mounted it onto a landscape A5 card blank. I finished it off with a copper outline sticker for the on/off button. I really hope you like this card, I had alot of fun making it and in real life it looks really good (even if I do say so myself! lol).

Well that's all for today - hope to be crafting and blogging again soon. Happy crafting! ttfn Sarah aka woowoogirl xxx

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Today's been a cracker of a day!

Hello all and esp to my lovely friend and fellow crafter Sam who's as sweet as her crafting projects! I've had a great day and even had a chance to do a little bit of crafting *happy sigh*. This afternoon I went to a Christmas Activities class and made crackers which look surprisingly good (even if I do say it myself lol). This is the third week of 6 classes and probably the one I've enjoyed most. I've come back home with a huge bag of empty toilet rolls after asking for four to make a toilet roll mini - my lovely Chris suggested I make a fort with them (he's such a boy!) but I'd welcome any other suggestions that aren't fort related.

The other reason I've had a good day is I've just got my first essay back from my Open University course and I got 82%!!!! I'm really happy with this grade especially as I thought I'd messed it up. My second essay's a reflective one based on the remarks on this one so fingers crossed I can improve my grade a little.

Anyway that's all my news for now, hope everyone is craft happy! Sarah aka woowoogirl xxx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

There may be trouble ahead....

Hi and welcome to my crafting corner! I'm new to blogging so please excuse any typos etc. Here's my very first upload - I hope you like it I shall be posting more soon and (drum roll please!) finally uploading my very first YouTube video. ttfn Sarah aka woowoogirl