Thursday, 18 November 2010

Today's been a cracker of a day!

Hello all and esp to my lovely friend and fellow crafter Sam who's as sweet as her crafting projects! I've had a great day and even had a chance to do a little bit of crafting *happy sigh*. This afternoon I went to a Christmas Activities class and made crackers which look surprisingly good (even if I do say it myself lol). This is the third week of 6 classes and probably the one I've enjoyed most. I've come back home with a huge bag of empty toilet rolls after asking for four to make a toilet roll mini - my lovely Chris suggested I make a fort with them (he's such a boy!) but I'd welcome any other suggestions that aren't fort related.

The other reason I've had a good day is I've just got my first essay back from my Open University course and I got 82%!!!! I'm really happy with this grade especially as I thought I'd messed it up. My second essay's a reflective one based on the remarks on this one so fingers crossed I can improve my grade a little.

Anyway that's all my news for now, hope everyone is craft happy! Sarah aka woowoogirl xxx

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  1. These are super cute hun!! Hehe you too are my new and only craft buddy!! I cant think of anything else to make with loo rolls apart from crackers and Mini album. Super well done on your exam results!!!