Thursday, 25 November 2010

a little bit of this, a litte bit of that...

Hi fellow crafters, welcome to my crafting corner! Here are some of the projects I've been working on the last couple of days - well apart from the heart easel card, that's one I did a while ago but have only just taken a photo of it. I made this easel card for my lovely Chris and it's been at his house for a while (I had to dust it before I could take a photo!!!), it was very simple to make just an ordinary easel base decorated with a variety of 3D stickers apart from the first heart which I stamped with slow-drying red ink and heat embossed using clear embossing powder. The second card is made using a Kanban "Wobblers" kit (£1.99 Boyes) and is pretty easy to make but be warned you don't even get an envelope and the template sheet contains lots of bits uses of which aren't explained - I think this is an expensive project to make as you are supposed to use the white card template to make your own wobbler base plus you also need thick acetate for the nodding head, however you can get away with just using the white card template itself as the base though it is a little plain. I did that here mainly because I hadn't my stash to raid. On the plus side you do get quite a few flowers etc on the topper page and these could be used to decorate the rocker base - not all are die cut ready for you so have some sharp scissors ready. The last couple of photos are of the tree ornament I made at the Christmas Activities classes I've been attending on Thursdays. It's made from a large polystyrene ball that I painted with black emulsion - it took ages to dry! I stuck a bamboo skewer up the base before I painted it and placed this into a raw potato so I wouldn't have to hold it while it dried. Even as a crafter I baulk at watching paint dry so while I was waiting (about 20 - 30 mins) I sketched a design and looked for embellishments.  Of course the final product looks nothing like my sketch but it's still quite a pretty thing. Once the paint was dry I wrapped silver outline stickers around it, I wanted it to be more uniform but I went wrong and when I tried to lift the outline up I found the paint came away so ended up with a random arrangement of  silver lines that formed diamonds and triangles of varying sizes. I placed either a glittered hexagon outline sticker or a silver circle into each available space then finished the ornament off with a silver tassel and loop. I really liked making this bauble and look forward to seeing it hanging on the tree - it's not at all girly (I nearly went for hot pink and glitter) which is most unusual for me as even the men cards I make usually have glitter somewhere. I hope you've enjoyed sharing my recent projects and I hope to post more soon. Happy crafting! Sarah aka woowoogirl xxx

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  1. You've been busy hehe! I "heart" the easil card you made for Chris - Adam doesnt appreciate when i make him cards so dont bother anymore!! The rocky horse card is super cute!! This ornament is gorgeous too!! I wanted to make a glass one with glass etching paint but couldnt find any in usa :-(