Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas is cancelled....

Only joking!! Mind you if things carry on it'll be the only thing not cancelled! This is a picture I took a couple of days ago and we've had more snow since - in fact it's snowing now as I type. I hope everyone is managing to keep warm in this horrible weather, I actually found ice floating in the toilet bowl this morning which was rather shocking. Luckily the pipes haven't frozen on the antiquated central heating so I've had it on and off all day - I'm dreading going outside to see how much credit is left on the gas meter. Talking about going outside I shall venture out tomorrow as I need to forage for supplies - I may be gone some time. 

I haven't had the chance to do any crafting yet but seeing as though all the things  I was planning on doing over the weekend have been cancelled (including church!) I'm hoping to get on with my Christmas cards - I shall have to tidy the Room of Doom first as it tends to get used as a dumping ground *hangs head with shame*. I'm thinking about posting before and after pictures of the R of D but not sure if I really want pictorial evidence of my untidiness!

Anyway that's all for now. Happy crafting everyone. Sarah aka woo woo girl xxx

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  1. Yeah picture is pretty much same as here I think ill take a picture of my front street and scrap a "Snovember!" page hehe. Yeah you defo have to do before and after page of RofD hehe i will too when i start decorating my craftroom. x Keep warm and remember extra socks!!