Saturday, 7 May 2011

plodding along....

Hello crafters and welcome to my crafting corner! I'm still without my own lappy so apologies for the lack of photos to go with this blog. Not done a great deal crafting wise apart from making 30 or so Wedding Invitations and writing them. I also knocked up a quick card for my nephew's birthday next week but totally forgot to take any photos. I've also do a sample Order of Service but not the inserts as I need to find out what needs to go in it. The final thing I've made is a silver exploding box which only has two layers to it which is fine as I'm planning on making a 3D quilled cat in it to give to my mum on my wedding day, I'm making Chris's mum a gold one with a cute 3D quilled mouse in its centre. I know it's traditional to give the mothers flowers but firstly I need to the cost of the wedding as low as possible and secondly flowers are lovely but they quickly fade and then get thrown away, I'm hoping that the exploding boxes will be a keepsake for our mums. Hopefully by the time I get round to making them - and here I must stress that I've never made a 3D quilled anything so they may turn out to be total pants  - I shall hopefully have my own laptop back so will be able to upload photos or not if they are hideously misformed lol. Still I've always liked a crafting challenge and I've certainly set myself one with my wedding! I'm also hoping to make 3D bride and groom cake toppers.

Oh just remembered! I had a pleasant surprise the other day, I was flicking through "Papercraft Essentials" magazine and suddenly spotted my name on one of the pages and when I looked carefully I found to my delight that a card I'd sent in to a comp months ago was featured in the Readers' Gallery *big happy smile*. I should be getting a prize and possibly a free copy of the mag so I'll keep you all posted.

Well that's about all my news for now. Hope all are well and ever if you have any questions, comments etc leave them below. Happy Crafting! Big hugs Sarah aka woo woo girl xxxxx


  1. Good luck with the quilling! Awesome news on getting a card put in mag!! Hope to speak to you soon xx

  2. Woo Hoo Girl!! Getting a card and a mention in a magazine. That is total awesome news. I'm looking forward to seeing your 3D quilled items for both of your Moms (Mums) :-)

    I know wedding planning is a huge PITB at times but I'm sure you will find your way and your second wind will kick in and it will all be so worth it.

    You take care of yourself, get your rest, and happy crafting for your upcoming wedding.